A Week, Maybe Two

Hey, Internet. Meet Bruce.


(Bruce the Moose, to be exact.)

Bruce came into my life several years ago. He was a Christmas present from two of my very close friends. I named him Bruce because they also gave me this book about Bruce Springsteen, appropriately titled Bruce.

(Also? Bruce rhymes with moose. And I’m clever like that.)

At first, Bruce lived a quiet life on the mantle in my living room, where the greatest thrill in his existence was occasionally being knocked to the floor by one of my cats. (I’m looking at you, Baxter.) But then, I had a thought! Bruce could be a traveling moose, much like the Flat Stanley tradition. I also have a friend (Hi, Nikki!) who does her own awesome version of the whole Flat Stanley thing, but with Tiny Elvis.

Yeah, that’s right. I said TINY ELVIS.


(Bruce and Tiny E are tight, naturally.)

Since I decided to start bringing Bruce along on my travels, he has been all over the country with me.

He enjoyed the sunsets on the Sassafras River down in Maryland:


He enjoyed a Phillies Spring Training game down in Clearwater:


He went on a brewery tour at Great Divide in Denver:


He enjoyed the samples along The Bourbon Trail in Kentucky:


(Bruce *might* have a drinking problem…)


He let the internet convince him to check out The Medora Musical in South Dakota:


He said hi to George, Tom, Teddy, and Abe in South Dakota:


He strolled around the grounds of the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden:


He nerded out at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City:


He went horseback riding in Wyoming:


He tried to beat me to the jacuzzi tub in my “presidential suite” in Nebraska:


He spit in the face of these badlands (in Badlands National Park):


And he’s visited a lot of other national parks, including:


(Arches National Park)


(Canyonlands National Park)


(Mesa Verde National Park)


(Theodore Roosevelt National Park)

When Bruce travels with me, he rides along in the top of my camera sling. Truthfully, it’s not the safest place for him and he gets banged around a lot. (I once had to make a stop at a Walmart for superglue somewhere in Colorado because one of his antlers fell off, and then the other one fell off a couple of days later on the same trip.) But Bruce is the boss and he does what he wants.


(Get it? THE BOSS?)

Most of the time, people don’t really notice when I take photos of Bruce. But sometimes, I can feel people giving us weird looks. Other times, people will come right over to me and ask about him. And sometimes, they offer to take photos of Bruce and me together!


(At Mesa Verde National Park)


(At Badlands National Park)

Bruce hasn’t been everywhere I’ve traveled. Sometimes things get a little *too* tight when I’m packing, and he doesn’t always make the cut. (And I sort of forgot to take him to Iceland with me.) But for a pink-nosed wooden moose wearing a green fuzzy sweater, I’d say he’s doing okay!

Your turn!

Do you have something that you take with you on all of your travels? Have you ever done the Flat Stanley thing?


  1. Stef

    March 3, 2016 at 8:51 pm

    Love it. Now I think I need to find myself a travel mascot!

    • Sara

      March 3, 2016 at 9:34 pm

      You should, it’s so much fun!

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