October 2016 = London

After stalking Google Flights for a week, looking for cheap flights (to anywhere!) around the time of my birthday weekend in October, I found a deal for flights to London that I could not resist. Fueled by a couple of good, strong beers, I clicked the “purchase” button and hoped that my principal would approve the 2.5 days I’d need to take off to make this trip happen. (Spoiler alert: she did.) So, I’ll be spending five days in London (including my 35th birthday!) in early October.

london photo
Photo by pavelcab

November 2016 = Nashville(?)

I might be spending the first weekend of November in Nashville with a couple of friends from other parts of the country. If this doesn’t work out, I might try to head up to NYC for a night or two…we’ll see!

nashville photo

December 2016 = TBD

My mom and I want to get away for Christmas and I’m currently stalking warm, tropical destinations where we can lay by the pool or on a beach, drinking tequila or rum, reading, and just ignoring the rest of the world for a few days.

caribbean photo
Photo by Mac Qin

Spring Break 2017 = Sweden & Norway

This was another insane airfare deal (less than $350 ROUNDTRIP!) that I could not resist. More details to come!

stockholm photo
Photo by fabsit